It's finally HERE!  I'm so excited to announce the winners of the GIVEAWAY!!

Before I do though, I want to thank EVERYONE for participating!  It was fun reading all the comments on IG and on here.  

But without further ado..  Congratulations to:

So excited for everyone!   Congratulations Dana!!  You won $500 OFF of one of the 2016 Creative Retreats!!  So excited to meet you... in ITALY next year!!

For those who won one of the 4 other prize packages... I have a SURPRISE FOR YOU!!  In addition to your gift package, I am giving you $250 OFF of one of next years Creative Retreats!! 

So if you are one of the 5 winners, please email me via this website under the CONTACT Page and let me know your information so I can send those prizes to you and/or work out the discount for you to come to Italy with us next year!!!


For everyone else who participated in this Giveaway... I want to help you too!  I know everyone wanted to win and I wish I could make that possible, but what I CAN DO is offer you the "Early Bird Discount" until the end of the month... (or until it is sold out)  That's $160 off of a retreat next year!  

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!