Hi everyone, hope you had a GREAT weekend!!  We had a "work day" on Saturday around the house since I've been gone almost ALL summer and we so desperately need to get this house finished.  Remodeling the entire backyard AND almost every room IN the house has been over a year long process... and we're STILL not done.  It's getting close though and I'll have to share some photos of everything once we are finished...

Sunday we went to church and we are starting in 1 Corinthians now (I guess I missed the last part of Romans while I was gone this summer... but I (and anyone) can always get caught up by watching our church online at ccbf.net. )  I'm already loving 1 Corinthians and even though our pastor only got as far as verse 3, I learned a couple things and they really spoke to me:

1. Verse 2 says:  "We are "Sanctified" (made holy) in Christ.  In His FINISHED work on the cross and through His righteousness we are called to be "Saints" (holy) TOGETHER.  with all those who in every place call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."   We are called to be holy together.  I love that...  As I think about my first Art & Faith Creative Retreat in Italy a few weeks ago, I am reminded of what a blessing is was to be in this amazing part of Italy with a group of "Saints" together... It was truly one of the biggest blessing in my life.  It was life changing for me and I think for the other woman as well.  

2. Verse 3 says: "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."  Grace = unmerited favor.  It's where we get our word "gift"  and Peace = tranquility.  And they are always in that order in the bible.  Ever think about that??  Why in that order??  I think because the Lord IS our source of grace & peace, and when we HAVE grace from God, we then also get the peace OF God.  I mean, if you think about it, when we realize the AMAZING GRACE that the Lord gives us FREELY, how can you NOT have AMAZING PEACE from that knowledge? From that unconditional LOVE from the CREATOR to us...  It's in the bible over 20+ times and always in that order.  Think about that.  I wanted to do a little bible journaling with these thoughts, so here's the page I did today:


Sunday night we took some friend to see Chris Isaak in concert at Thornton Winery.  It was a fun night with friends and listening to some great music.  He reminds me of old school Elvis or Johnny Cash.  It was a fun to listen to music I don't normally listen too and have a nice dinner out!

Well, have a GREAT week everyone!  Don't forget to enter to WIN the $500 OFF on one of my Creative Retreats next year!  You can go onto my Instagram account  @creativeretreats to enter for a 2nd chance at winning!  And, if you haven't added your comment to the blog post below, you have until THIS FRIDAY!!  Good luck!