Hi everyone, Laura here...

I've had such an overwhelming response to the 2 Creative Retreats in Italy next year I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am by all the beautiful comments and excitement about the retreats!!

I've had quite a few emails with questions so I thought I'd answer a few on here so that everyone has all the information they need to make a decision to join in next year.

First, I've mentioned you are more then welcome to bring a friend or spouse along.  If they are joining us for the weeklong event, then the price will be the same as yours.  If they are joining us for the week, but do not want to participate in the classes, then there is a discount for them of $350.  Everything on the "what's included" list will be for them as well except for the 4 classes/class kits.

Secondly, the accommodations are based on 2 to a room.  Some people will be in the GHVS apartments and some will be at the Hotel Du Lac on the lakefront.  Most accommodations are for 2 to a room, but if you want to room with 3-4 people there are a few large apartments at the GHVS and I do need to reserve those in advance.  (There is a slight discount for those sharing more then 2 to a room).  If you want Private accommodations or a Lake view room at the Hotel du Lac, that is also possible at an extra charge.  Either way, after you sign up you can just email me what your preferences are.

Lastly, as far as the Sign Ups go...  Once you pay your $400 Non-refundable deposit, I will send you a contract for the Creative Retreat you signed up for.  Please look it over, sign it and return it to me.  Once that is signed, we will figure out your balance owed (based on any discounts or extra charges for private room)  and we will set up a payment plan.  The options on payment plans are:  Monthly, Quarterly or Payment in Full.  Whatever works best for you is fine by me!  

I am checking my emails here on vacation in Michigan, so please feel free to email me any other questions I may not have answered and I will try my best to get back to you before Registration opens tomorrow.  Since I'm in the EST time zone right now, registration will open tomorrow, August 1st at 8:00am EST.  If you see a "SOLD OUT" message, PLEASE email me, there may be a glitch or I can try to get more rooms.

So, to REGISTER tomorrow morning you will simply go to the Sign UP Button at the top of this website and click on REGISTRATION PAGE.  Click on whichever Creative Retreat you want to sign up for.  Then you will be able to put it in your cart.   Pay for your cart and then you will be all signed up!  ( I am not sure if you can pay for more than 1 at a time, so if you are paying for 2 or more people, you may have to do it multiple times...)

Have a GREAT night, and I'll see you back here tomorrow morning!

Hugs to all,


P.S.  I've updated the REGISTRATION PAGES to include all this info.