Hello everyone!  I wanted to try and post a few photos from my Creative Retreat in Paris last week.  It was such a GREAT week, I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was!  I had a small group of 10 and with Paris, that worked out perfectly.  We had such a nice time together and got to see so many beautiful places in Paris and outside of the city as well.  Here is just a very small sampling of our week together:

Some beautiful flowers I had made for each apartment from a lovely lady who owns a floral shop down the street.  She was so happy to make me all the arrangements and was kind enough to make Rebecca and I one for our apartment too!

First night in Paris and a nice quiet dinner with friends and a walk on the Seine ended with gelato at our favorite place.

Next day all the ladies arrived and the weather was just PERFECT for the picnic I had planned.  So glad, because the weather can change instantly here...

Walking back after a beautiful night enjoying food, wine, our new group of ladies and the Seine.

The next day I took the ladies on a walking photo tour of Paris.  So many beautiful areas of Paris and SO much to capture, so I wanted to give them the layout of the city and try to capture the feel of the city in their photographs.

Each Metro sign in Paris is unique in it's own way.  I love capturing some of my favorite ones around the city.

The facade of Notre Dame is so iconic and everyone can recognize it instantly.  But I wanted to take the ladies inside and have them sit and listen to the organ playing, to walk around and see the lighting and architecture inside.  All these photos are not edited and are from my iPhone6 so they may be a bit imperfect, but I wanted to post them to let you see a true representation of how easy it is to capture photos during trips like this.  I can go back and edit them, crop things out or change the color scheme if I want to, but internet access is a bit slow here in Europe so that will have to wait until I get home...

Dinner by the Eiffel Tower and then a trip up to the top for some in the group.  It was a gorgeous way to enjoy the Sunset tonight... THROUGH the legs of the Eiffel Tower!


A day out of the city was in order for some of us.  Monet's town of Giverny is the perfect place to enjoy day away from the busy city and see the beautiful Seine in a different light.  His gardens were also in FULL bloom!

So much has gone into Monet's gardens and home to restore them to it's original splendor.  Did you know that his home and gardens went into total decline and was abandoned by his family?  So grateful some people decided this was terrible and started the Claude Monet Foundation to restore it!

Went to a museum I had never been to before and it was lovely to stroll the outdoor gardens and see all the works by Rodin and other artists.

The colors here are just so beautiful!  I would LOVE these shutters on my house... Probably not going to pull that off in California though.  

What a GREAT little car in front of this shop!  Such a great little side trip to find this place!

Such a great week and perfect ending to the last full night together as a group!

I have well over a thousand photos on my camera phone of this week together... so I hope you enjoyed a little sampling of our time in Paris!  I miss these ladies already and I can't wait to see them again some time...

If YOU want to join me next year in France and Italy,  you can find out more on my Creative Retreats right here!  I will be posting my BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS very soon!  I already have the dates set for my 2 Creative Retreats in Italy next year and I can't WAIT to share with all of you who are the teachers and what each weeks theme will be!

I am working on possibly another trip to France as well.  I actually had the dates all reserved for Paris, but unfortunately they informed me just the other day that the city is going to be taken over by the "Euro Cup" next June and July and I've decided I'd rather not be amongst the craziness of that... So we will see if I plan for early Spring instead?? 

Au Revoir for now!  

I am in Italy now and will post pictures of my Creative Retreats here in Bellagio very soon!