Hello Monday Morning!

This past weekend I was getting lots of fun things made for my Creative Retreats in Paris, France and Bellagio, Italy!  I can't believe in 3 weeks I will be strolling the streets with the ladies on an AMAZING adventure in Paris!!  So excited!

I don't think I shared a SNEAK of the class I'm teaching in Paris so here it is:



It's going to be a Mini Suitcase and journal class!  They will be able to journal all week about their travels and then we will turn the suitcase into a "treasure box" with compartments to hold their trinkets and flea market finds!

If YOU want to join us NEXT year in Paris, I am starting to plan for that and trying to decide if I want to have it in the Spring time or in the Summer?  So if you're interested go ahead and leave a comment below or email me and let me know what YOU would like!

Ok, for those of you who are joining me THIS summer in Italy... I have some BEAUTIFUL pictures of Germana Ge's class on Saturday, July 11th!  I had asked her to teach a class for the local ladies on that first day I have the event room and she was so sweet to say Yes!  So I'm excited to say I have her class SNEAKS that I get to share with you!  She got some of these lovely products all the way from Poland so this is going to be a special class if you want to join us!!


Isn't this soooo gorgeous!  Can't wait to take her class... You can sign up right here on this website under "SIGN UP" and then click on "SUMMER CLASSES" so go and do that NOW before she sells out.  She's a very popular teacher in Italy!

Last but not least...

I have the dates for my Creative Retreats in Italy for 2016!!

I am SO excited about the teachers for next year and what the vision is...  I can't reveal everything quite yet but I do want to give you the dates so you can "SAVE THE DATES" in your calendar and hopefully join us next year!

So here's the dates:



The 1st week,, June 25 - July 2, will be a Mixed-Media Creative Retreat week with an emphasis on "Documenting our Lives"  This will be a fun week filled with a little bit of everything that makes these weeks so GREAT... in Italy!

The 2nd week, September 10 - 17, will be my 2nd Art & Faith Creative Retreat week with an emphasis on Bible Journaling and learning how to use our Gifts that have been given to us.  Yes we ALL have them... and I want YOU to see that the Lord wants to bless you and use you THROUGH them.

So I hope you are excited and motivated to join me next year on one (or more) of these adventures!  It has been such a JOY to bring these events to you each year.  I am so amazed and in awe of this "job" I get to do each year and that the Lord has allowed me to share this passion of travel, adventure, connection, creative time and friendship with so many people!

Will you come with us and enjoy a week away from life... and in turn take away an incredible week that will live with you forever in your memories, your fresh outlook on life... and your new lifelong friendships?

I really hope so...

Have a GREAT week everyone.  My oldest daughter comes home from York, England after being gone since December 14th and I am BEYOND excited!!!