Hi... back here on the blog to share some photos from our weekend in Italy over Easter.

There is a great piece of HISTORY in a church in Bellagio that we found out about a couple years ago during a tour of the town with a dear friend.  I don't want to reveal too much of the story because it's a "goose bump" type of story and I want you to hear it IN Bellagio.  (Those of you who are going this summer with me to Bellagio or any time in the future will hear it)

Anyways, after I heard the story I knew I wanted to be in Bellagio during Easter weekend.  So since we were in Paris over Easter break and it's just a hop, skip and a jump to Bellagio... I really wanted to make it work this year.  We flew to Milan on Thursday and had 3 full days to spend in Bellagio.  The weather was much nicer then in Paris and we were able to see lots of friends, enjoy the spring in our favorite place and participate in a couple Easter activities in Bellagio.

Here we are arriving to our 2nd home...  hahaha  I WISH.  This is the entrance to the Rockafellar Foundation in Bellagio.

Little one wishing SO bad that she could sit on that Vespa...

A beautiful first evening sitting out on the pergola enjoying the view and amazed at where we are.  Realized this was my 11th time here since 2009.  What a complete miracle.  NEVER did I think that I'd be that blessed.

I think this girl is a little happy about being here too. :)

It wouldn't be complete without enjoying the music in the music room.  To realize we have become friends with SO many people in this town is such a joy.  

Breakfast in our usual spot, checking out the comings and goings of the town.

Decided to have lunch by the lake today and it was such a beautiful day too.  It feels like SPRING is just popping up right before our eyes.

Did a little shopping too and met this cutie...

That night was the procession in town.  We had an early dinner at our friends house and then we walked with them through the borgo from this church and back inside to finish this tradition.  More on that this summer...

Not the greatest photos... forgot to take my good camera.  But as you can see the town does come out for this procession and it's quite moving with the music, the statues and the people respectfully giving thanks on this Good Friday.

She wanted to be a part of this so much!  She is doing a report on the history of Bellagio in school, so this was very important for her to be a part of and to get photos of.

It took about an hour to walk around the town and up the stairs.

Here we are almost back to the church and ending the procession.  So glad we were part of it this year!

Saturday was time to meet more friends across the lake.  The bond between these two just gets stronger each year.  Poor Isabel did NOT want Rebecca to leave and I think they are plotting on ways to get her to stay the whole summer...

It was a bit cold outside so we enjoyed some time by the fire with the family and then had a nice lunch.

Isabella showing off her red tulip picked from the garden from their youngest daughter.  What a blessing to know this family and loved spending time with them.  Wish I would have taken more photos though.

Then we got to spend the afternoon with Jenny & Lorenzo, and SAMBA!  They took us to a beautiful park with a little cafe and enjoyed playing with the pups and catching up.  Can't WAIT for BABY BUMP PATROL in June!!! (She's due on the day we arrive!!!)

Easter morning was breakfast before church with our friends that were just here in California!  Great seeing them back home and catching up with them and their little one Leonardo.  Got to see their new house too!

Had Easter service here.  Since we are not fluent in Italian ( not near fluent either...) our friend Marco sat next to us and translated most of the service for us.  What a beautiful church and SO great to see Michi singing in the choir and Riccardo playing the guitar.  Both boys have become like sons to us and we love that we got to take them to our church this past summer and now we got to see their church as well.

Had a nice stroll after church through Villa Melzi and took our time just enjoying the beauty here. 

Beauty is everywhere here.  Even with the grey skies on this day you could still see the time and effort and love that is put into this place.  Glad to know some of the people who make that happen at Villa Melzi.

Rebecca not wanting to leave, again.  Dreaming of the day that she doesn't have to leave.


Well that was a long travelogue.  But so happy we were able to steal away for a quick weekend here.  It reminds us of the love we have for this place and the love we feel when we are here.  To know you have a place where you feel loved half way around the world is such an amazing JOY.  We are thankful for that and know the Lord has blessed us beyond measure.  We feel called to this place for a reason and I know I am so very grateful for the chance to get to know the people here and to bring new people here each year.  I want to thank every single person that is a part of that.

I posted last weekend that there was one apartment left for my Art & Faith Creative Retreat.  Well that took off like wildfire and I've had so, so many emails since then!  I've had three people sign up so that apartment is full now.  But I also said that I felt that if the Lord was calling you to this retreat I wanted to make the room.  I know I can only have so many people come because of logistics but I also don't want to say it's full if you are feeling lead to come.  I have reached out to the places I use for accommodations and we can work a little bit more room out but not much.  So just be in prayer about it and let me know if you are still thinking about it.  Honestly I can probably fit 2 more people MAX.  So I hate to close it there but there is always next year!  I am starting to pray and plan for next year and I know with this years overwhelming response, I would LOVE to have another Art & Faith Creative Retreat.  I'm tentatively planning that for Fall of 2016 so if you want to be on the INTEREST LIST just send me an email through the contact page on this site.  I'll be putting together the teachers and dates in the next few months so I can announce at THIS years retreat and start this process all over again for 2016!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and thank you for stopping by!

Hugs to all,