Hello Spring!

We just got back from Paris and Bellagio last week during Spring break for the girls.  I think it was a GREAT excuse to go to Europe to plan for my summer retreats.  We also got to see our oldest daughter who is studying in England right now and her boyfriend that lives in Austria.  So it was a family reunion as well.  Such a JOY to have everyone together and even though its was freezing cold in Paris we got out and enjoyed a long weekend with everyone.  Then I really got to "work" and figured out a lot of plans for my 1st Creative Retreat in Paris that I'm doing this June!  So excited for that and can't wait to share with them what little secret places I found.  Unfortunately that means for now I need to keep some of the photos to myself because I don't want to spoil the fun for them.  But just know that in June if you come back on my blog I will share all the FUN with YOU and hopefully you will want to join me in 2016 in Paris!!

Arrived tired and ready to relax in our apartment.  Love the view out our window!

One of my favorite photos from the weekend with these two!  Doesn't this look like such a vintage photo with his suitcase he got at the vintage market...  

Little one here showing me a frame I was SO wanting to purchase... but how do I get it home?  Oh how I wish I would have figured out a way... boo

Oh course no trip to Paris is complete without going to Laduree!

Family photo time.  I wish I would demand to take more photos of all of us... Why is it so hard to get everyone in the same photo??  You have that problem too?

Beautiful displays in every place you go.  

A cold morning the last day Victoria and Dany were with us but we wanted to take them out here to see the view of Paris!

This part of Paris is quite great... but it also comes with some sketchiness too.  Not the safest area of Paris but really do like walking around this part of town.

A shopping day on the Champs Eylsees always has to start at the Arc de Triomphe!

The doors just kill me in Paris.  I want to open the doors soooo bad.  (yes, I have tried once or twice) It's because I know what is behind those doors where the horses used to be stored, but now have been replaced by some beautiful courtyards!  

Daddy did a little shopping with his girls.

This girl cracks me up.  Does she just fit in with the locals or what?  At 10 she is a world traveler and loves going on adventures!

While daddy napped after the shopping, I took the girls to tea!  :)

Beautiful places all over the city... Had to capture this one with the family.

A great weekend with the whole family and such a blessing to have everyone together!


If you're interested in my Paris Creative Retreats or my Italy Creative Retreats, please check back here for more details and information on 2016's plans!  I am in the works NOW for next year and would LOVE to have you join me!

I posted on FB and IG last week that there is one apartment AVAILABLE for THIS SUMMERS Art & Faith Creative Retreat and that has been such a huge blessing.  I really feel that I want to keep that one open for anyone who is feeling lead to come. I've had a lady sign up yesterday and quite a few more emailing about it, so if I need to ask for another one I have a couple options... so please prayerfully consider joining us! I know the Lord is in this and I feel that He is moving in these ladies hearts that are joining Jeanne Oliver, Stephanie Ackerman and myself this July in Bellagio!  So excited to see what comes of it and so beyond blessed by everyone's desire to join me on this journey.  Little did I know what the Lord would do with my Creative Retreat "dream" that started in 2011.  I have always tried to give God the Glory for all of it, but now to be able to do a faith based retreat where we want to truly make Him the focus... Its' beyond any dream of my heart.  So overwhelmed that I am still getting emails daily from people who want to be a part of this!  Thank YOU.  If this year does not work out for you, please consider joining me for my 2nd Art & Faith Creative Retreat Fall of 2016!  I will be getting things together soon for a Mid September 2016 Art & Faith Creative Retreat and would LOVE to have you join in!!

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!  I'll share some photos later this week from our weekend in Bellagio last week.  We were able to celebrate Easter in Italy with our friends and see some beautiful festivities that they do there.

Hugs to all,