Had a great start to the week this week...went on a quick "road trip" with the hubby to see Euge Groove and Elliott Yasmin in concert in Palm Dessert! So much FUN and the weather, in a word: PERFECT.

These two photos were taken not even 20 miles apart.  Crazy differences in the So. Cal topography!  We go through the High Desert and then reach Palm Desert with all the palm trees and sun.  Beautiful.

A great concert at the McCallum theater.  It's a small theater and perfect setting to see a concert like this.

Wanted to get a LOT done this week too but with our little getaway and the girls coming down with something (maybe whooping cough, we'll know more in 3 days) it just wasn't meant to be.  I have come to realize that this is just the "stuff" that makes up real life.  Am I right?  We want SO much more out of life then we "get" and then we knock ourselves down if we don't accomplish what we wanted to.  I'm trying to learn not to do that.  

One of those things that I thought I would get done this week was organizing all my classes for this summer and sharing them with all of you. THAT did not get done... BUT it was and is the focus of my week and I have to say that for some reason what I thought I wanted to be the class schedule has totally changed in my mind and I'm SO excited about it!!  

I have been thinking of ways to bring more classes to my events AND offer more classes for the local ladies who want to come.  So I'm working on that right now and trying to figure it out in CREATIVE ways and I'm really excited to share very soon!  So if you are coming to my Creative Retreats this summer or if you live locally and want to join us...

Keep these dates open:  July 11 & 12!  

I am in the works to line up a weekend of artsy FUN that will be for whoever wants to join us!  (You do not need to be a part of the weeklong event for this)

So for now I'll leave you with a bible journaling page I did this week:


Had fun a while back creating a couple "backgrounds" in my bible.  Sometimes I may not have the words or devotional for a page in my mind yet but I want to try new ways to be creative in my journaling bible.  So this page (and another 2 page spread) was made by just spraying three different inks onto the pages with a little mist of water as well to spread the color around and give it a watercolor look.  Love how this turned out and knew I wanted to do this to the first page of the bible.  So this week I was able to go back and think about this part of the bible and reflect of what the Lord was telling me.  

I need to say something here.  I am in AWE of the Lord and how He reaches down to each one of us in a unique way to show us how much He loves us.  This new way to study His word and be creative at the same time, has CHANGED ME.  Never before have I looked at THE most precious & important book with such amazement.  I have to be honest, I have not been good at reading my bible over the years.  Yes I read a devotional (with the bible verses in it) on a regular basis, yes, I go to church on Sunday, I listen to Christian radio and I love the Lord with all my heart.  I do!  But actually reading the bible and getting into His word on a daily basis was not something I did with any regularity.  I hate to admit that, but it's true.  But the Lord has opened up His book to me in such a new and fresh way and showed me things THRU this that I can't begin to explain to you right now.  I'm in tears just acknowledging this.  He created us TO. BE. CREATIVE.  I am a CREATIVE SOUL.  And the CREATOR of the universe has reached down and showed me that I can be creative IN HIS WORD.  That He knows I'm creative and speaks to me RIGHT WHERE I AM... it's incredible.  The LOVE HE has for us is incredible.  I read in my devotional today (hahaha) about this same concept.  That the God of the UNIVERSE loves us SO much...  I'll leave you with that, but read Romans 5:8 this weekend.  I plan to do a page on that verse this weekend and share my thoughts next week.


Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Hugs to all,