Hi everyone, it's Thursday again and it seems like I've been making a habit of skipping out on my blog posts and then realizing it's already Thursday before I've had a chance to write a blog post!  Sorry about that...

Sick kids this week slowed me down but I will say when the girls are home the nice part about it... we can SLEEP IN.  hahaha  Don't want sick kids, but I will admit sleeping in is a bit of a perk!  ;p

This week I've been organizing the retreats and planning our family time in between the retreats this summer.  One thing I always try to do when I plan out my Creative Retreats is make sure I am including some down time with the family.  I don't think I could do back to back to back retreats without going a bit nuts... So this year, in between my retreats, we are doing something a little different.  We are having a Family Reunion IN ITALY!!  My hubby is 1/2 Italian and we have organized a family reunion for his relatives who want to come with us to Italy!  And also for the relatives that LIVE in Italy!  So excited for this!  Even though it may be a bit of work + play for me... I'm just so happy to share this place with Lance's parents and Aunts and Uncles and cousins and the "real" Italians who live there!  So we will be having a week in Bellagio and then after that we are going down to the "homeland"... Sicily.  That is where Lance's mothers family originated and we have never been there so we are taking his parents and going to explore that part of our history.  So this is going to a FUN summer with a little break in between my retreats with family and new places!  

Just look at this picture I found on Pinterest of Sicily? Dreaming of long breakfasts with a view like this...

Then it's back up to Bellagio for my Art & Faith Creative Retreat and I've been working on that week this week as well.  I have all the apartments accounted for like I mentioned in my last blog post.  But I did want to tell you that there are a couple spots open for students!!  I have two apartments that are triple occupancy that have 1 spot available.  So if you know are joining us this summer and know of a friend who wants to join you, let me know asap!  And if you've been on the fence about this and want to jump off that fence and join us, GO FOR IT!  Just email me soon because this is the first place I am announcing this and I don't know how long the spots will last.

(Lake Como is not such a bad place to go back to work, right?  :)

Well, have a GREAT weekend everyone!  Take each day as it comes my friends.  Lots out there to stress us out, but we can have trust in Him that he will give us His peace throughout each day!  Found a beautiful piece of art and scripture on Pinterest that I put on my IG last night and soooooo needed hearing last night:

"May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace."  Numbers 6:26  (abbreviated version)

I hope Spring is breaking out wherever you are and you enjoy a beautiful weekend and a peace and strength in you days!