The last couple weeks have been so busy and difficult for me because we have had people in the house almost every day working on our closets.  I don't know about you, but I like peace and quiet in the house during the day (or nice soft music in the background while I'm working) and that just did NOT happen.  Some how that really just upset the applecart and everything else goes bonkers too...  

The closet job was supposed to be a three day job.   It has gone on for over two weeks.  Oh man, my frustration at these people was to the limit!  So they finally got most of it done (seriously, they forgot a pole for my closet and are coming back "someday" to put it in) on Monday night around 8pm.  So for the last 4 days I've been organizing our stuff and putting things back in the closets.  Thus the reason for no blog posts this week.  

But I am finally done with my closet (well my shared closet with my hubby, but you can guess who has the bigger section... :) and I'm SO thrilled with it!  I still have more closets to organize but this one was the mack daddy of them and I wanted to get this one done first.  So here are some photos I thought I'd share:

Here is the "BEFORE" photo of our crusty closet... This is deeper inside the closet as it actually starts to the forefront and goes to the right out the room. 

Here is the start of the process...

Here's the finished closet!  I couldn't WAIT to get in there and make the space MY SPACE!!

Here's the entrance of the closet and Lance's side.  He actually has more space then this because it goes around the corner, but I gotta admit my space is bigger...  That's a girls prerogative right?

Here's my side!!!  The left side is all my dresses, pants and skirts and I just love that little shelf above where I put some hats and shoes and my fancy rose purse from Paris, France from our trip around the world 12 years ago!  I've only used that purse one time in 12 years, but I'm keeping it!

And here's the right side with my shirts past the shelves in the far corner and then all my drawers and shelves!  I LOVE IT!! I want to put a picture in the frame on the middle shelf and make that area a cute little "display" area... and OH, I'm so excited about this closet!  It's been such a mess with no space for YEARS and this has created so much more space, even just walking in the closet.  Before there was clothes on both side so there was only a narrow space in the middle, but now with one side having fixed shelves and drawers it opens up the space so much.  I'm thinking about getting a little stool or one of those mini ottomans in the corner so I can sit in there!  hahaha :)

So now it's on to Isabella's closet.  The girls rooms don't have walk in closets but we did put double poles and shelves in them.  So it's off to organize that disaster room...

I'll share some photos of the girls rooms soon.  Isabella and Rebecca wants to take off the closet doors and hang pretty drapes from their closets so you can access them fast and actually see through to them.  We'll see how that works out.

But before I leave you I wanted to share a saying I found on Pinterest that really spoke to me this week:

Love this saying and what a beautiful photo to go with it.  Just a reminder for me this week that even in the chaos of life and the business of life, I need to make sure I am putting the Lord first in my decisions and bringing Him honor in doing so.  Had a lot going on and a big decision to finally make this week and kept praying about it without any real answer.  But I just kept working in my closets all week, thinking about this decision and praying about it and still not hearing an answer.  It seemed like it was all going to be a Yes (in my little brain) but I wasn't having a REAL peace about it.  Not until I just stopped mulling it over and over in my mind.  I finally said Ok Lord, I don't hear any resounding YES from you so I maybe that means it's a NO.  If I haven't heard a "for sure yes" from you then I won't do this.   Instantly all that stress of "what to do" melted away and I felt a total peace about the NO.  Believe me, it was something I wanted TO BE A YES... but I had total peace when it was NO.  That was crazy...but crazy good!  It was kind of a backwards way of making a decision in my mind, but it was such a blessing to see this was what the Lord wanted to show me.   Sometimes He answers in quiet ways that show us it's totally HIM.  I love that.

If you are struggling with something and are waiting on the Lord for direction just keep praying.  It may not be in our timing or how we want to hear the answer but He will direct your path and He has an AWESOME path for YOU!  WAY more awesome then you can think up...

Kind of getting back to what I talking about in my video on Becoming | The Unfolding of You I guess...  

When we leave it in Gods hands for the direction and the decisions of our lives, it brings HIM honor and glory to show how AMAZING He is and can be in our lives!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Next week I want to do something a little different.  I'm going to do a BOOK REVIEW!!  

I don't get much time to read but I really wanted to read this book:

I haven't seen the movie yet, I may try to see it over the weekend.  But I just finished the book and would love to give my thoughts on this book next week.  



P.S.  Two more people signed up for the Art & Faith Creative Retreat this week, with a few more emailing me and making decisions soon...  I am talking to the hotels and accommodations I always use to see if I can get more rooms so I can take as many people as the Lord is calling to come.  So I'm not saying it's full at this point but if you want to join us I would prayerfully consider it soon!