Ok, funny story...

I was just talking to my daughters yesterday and something came up about posting a picture on Instagram that was from a trip last year and my youngest said, "but it's not throwback Thursday Mom"...  

I about died of laughter!  Oh. my. stars.  Is that what life has come to?  Throwback Thursday, Fun day Sunday, Flashback Friday, Meatless Monday... I had to laugh, but it also made me have to explain to my daughter that these are just fun things people have come up with but IN NO WAY SHOULD LIMIT what you want to do, WHENEVER you want to do them.   Have we taught our kids this weird code of conduct in this era of social media?  I didn't grow up with cellphones, smart phones, laptop computers, etc... so I certainly hope not!   But it was a good reminder to make sure I am talking with my girls and seeing life through their eyes a bit.

So YES it is Throwback Thursday, and YES I blog quite often on my "Love, Tuesday's" but these are just fun things to do and I enjoy them so it's all good.  But they shouldn't become restrictive in any way and as we navigate this world of social media we are all in.  I hope we all realize these silly things we do... ARE things our kids are seeing, (taking note of I guess) and we do need to decide how much "importance" we put on them.  I wonder some times how much this "media age" is effecting my girls.  How much TV time, computer time, iPad time should I allow?  Are my girls too much on their phones/iPads and not interacting with PEOPLE enough?  I've quite honestly let it go unmonnitored and I think it may be having an impact on the little one.  I don't see her interacting as much with her sisters and when she does have friends over they are ON THEIR COMPUTER GAMES or face timing on their iPads WHILE they play games.  Oh boy, it's a strange world our kids our growing up in...

Why this little convo we had yesterday in the car has stirred up these thoughts is a bit strange, but I also think the Lord works in mysterious ways.   Could be a little "nudge" from the One who wants us to CONNECT WITH OTHERS, DRAW CLOSER TO HIM INSTEAD? I do know He wants to help us navigate through this life and I sure know I need the help!

One way I know that we "disconnect" from things is when we travel.  I LOVE to travel.  You probably already get that about me.  :)  But there are so many GREAT reasons to travel and one of them is to step away from the "day-to-day" lives we live.  When we travel we are usually traveling far away and the internet is not the same in other countries.  We don't watch TV, we aren't on our phones that much (because we don't want to pay huge fees on our cell phones) and we rarely bring our computers with us.  We share just about every meal together as a family, we have hours of time just being together.  I've also been blessed with a "dream" job that includes travel and that brings people TOGETHER, TO connect.  It's such a JOY.  Those are times that bring so much satisfaction.  Travel changes you...even after you get home.  I love that I bring people from all over the world together for one week in an amazing location and after those 7 little days they go home different then when they left.  They've seen new things, they've met new people, they've tried new experiences.  But most special of all ... they leave with new friends. New connections.  It brings me SO much happiness to hear the people talking about meeting up after my retreats.  They've made new friends and they want to see them again.  That is what it's all about people.  I didn't realize that when I had this dream.  I thought it was about "me" and my DREAM.  I love to travel, I love Italy and France... can I create something that allows me to share my love of travel, my passion for creating things, my skills at organizing things all together into something?  And the answer was YES.  I believe the Lord lead me to this.  But He lead me to something SO MUCH BIGGER then I had ever DREAMED.  That's what happens when you give the Lord control.  He makes it so much more then little ol' you.  How cool is that?  

What do YOU love?  What CREATIVENESS is inside of you?  Do you like to cook, bake, sew, decorate... What do YOU dream about?

I'm telling you right now that IF you ask the Lord to show you what He wants with your dreams, He WILL show you!  And He will blow your mind with the ways He wants to bless you, AND OTHERS, through your hopes and dreams.  It may not be overnight, it may not be for years... but He will lead you and show you and all you have to do is open up that big heart and mind of yours and be OPEN to His will.  Because he loves you and wants the best for you, more then any earthly father does or can.  More then the BEST person out there in this world that loves you.  He loves you more.  So go connect with the One who loves you most.  

Psalm 66:5  "Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man."


Have a GREAT day everyone!  I know I'm writing on a computer in the quiet of an empty home right now, but I feel like I'm connecting with YOU.  Whoever comes to my blog, whoever needs to hears these words.  I care about you too.