Hi ladies!

I wanted to have everything ready for all my classes this summer so I could share some SNEAKS for you, but this really lazy woman who just can't seem to get it together just won't stop procrastinating and get her projects done...  (that would be ME)  hahaha

I'm SO sorry.  I really am not trying to take forever but there's a million things I am trying to get done.  All the other teachers have given me their class projects and photos and I'm excited to share and announce the dates and time, but I just need a little bit more time for mine.

But in the meantime, I thought I would share a few SNEAKS today of some of the July classes and then hopefully get mine done this week and share the FULL REVEAL very soon!  So here's what this summer is going to look like in Europe...

This photo above is from the über talented Stephanie Ackerman!  We will be having SO much fun in her classes in July!


Here is a SNEAK from the amazing Jeanne Oliver who is so talented and is such a great teacher of art.  We will be learning from her in July as well!

During the week of July 11 - 18th we will also be Journaling in our Bibles!  No worries if you don't have a journaling bible... if you are signed up for the weeklong retreat YOU WILL BE GETTING ONE!  And, if you want to sign up for the classes and join us during the bible journaling part of the day please just email me and I will make sure we have a journaling bible for you!

As I said before, I don't have my classes finished... but here is something similar to what we will be doing in one of my classes in July.  We will be working with canvas and creating a mixed media creation with your own saying on it.


We will also be doing some mixed media in an art journal during the week.  Here is just an example of a page in my art journal...  I will be sharing class photos of my finished projects very soon!

These are just SNEAKS from our July classes.  I will also be sharing the projects from the class in Paris and the two classes in June very soon, so stay tuned...

Have a GREAT Tuesday!