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Well I've finally got everything together for the schedule this summer in Italy during the Art & Faith Creative Retreat.   Sorry it took so long.  Lots of stuff to get ready for this summer and one surgery in the middle.  Good news on that... the Post op Appt. was today and the polyps they removed last Wednesday are benign!  No cancer!!  So here we come SUMMER!!

For the week of July 11 - 18, 2015 there will be 5 classes plus one extra class the first day for any local ladies that want to come.  I decided to do this because I rent the event room for the whole week and in the past have started the classes on Monday.  Well, that's two full days that it's not being used so I wanted to think of a way to enjoy the room and make use of it.  I also realize that the local ladies who come to my classes work during the week and may have a hard time coming to the week day classes.  So this was a way to make it more accessible to them and also so we can have some FUN right from the start!  

You can go to the SIGN UP button up above and click on SUMMER CLASSES to see all the details and sign up!

There will be 6 classes at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio:

Saturday, July 11th:

Local Class:

Germana, a local Milan teacher, will be bringing you a great class at 10:00am on Saturday.  Since I just thought of this idea and asked her, she is still preparing the class.  She is making a beautiful album with lots of elements.  I will post photos of her class as soon as she sends them.  Her classes sell out fast so make sure you check back and sign up soon!

(Image coming soon)

Sunday, July 12th:


Sunday morning we will start with Stephanie Ackerman's Mixed-Media Travel Binder at 9:00am in the event room.  Class will be 3 hours long.

Art & Faith Mixed Media Travel Binder

In this workshop we will be creating a mixed media travel binder.  We will combine old paper, paint, watercolors, maps and travel ephemera to create beautiful, one of a kind covers and then for the inside, we will create dividers, pockets and pages that you can use to document, journal during your quiet time and even slide photos in on the spot. 



Sunday afternoon will be Jeanne Oliver's "Watercolor Girls" class.  This class will start at 1:30pm and go for 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

Watercolor Girls

During our second class together I will share how to breakdown a face and how to use different techniques and mediums to create depth and dimension within your art.  We will do fun practice exercises to warm up and I will walk you through the steps to create a portrait using watercolors. This class will get you thinking about watercolors in brand new ways and mediums.  If you have never sketched a face don't worry...I have tricks that will put you at ease and leave you thrilled with your result.

Tuesday, July 14th:


Stephanie Ackerman's 2nd class will be on Tuesday at 9:00am.  This class will be teaching you how to do creative lettering!  So much of what we see on Chalk Art and Bible Journaling is using special hand lettering and I'm SO excited to take this class!  This class will be 3 hours.

Turning the Alphabet Into Artwork

Whether you're a beginner who has never tried your hand at lettering or you're a doodler interested in taking the next step at lettering, together we improve our lettering skills. The only way to get better at something is to practice and that is what we will do with pencils, pens, watercolors and paintbrushes. Spend time on the banks of beautiful Lake Como learning tips and techniques on building strength and confidence in using your own handwriting to doodle, create art in your Journaling Bible and/or Journal. 


Wednesday, July 15th:


Laura McCollough (that's me) will be teaching a Collage Canvas at 9:00am on Wednesday morning.  This class will be about 3 hours.

Inspirational Collage Canvas

In this class we will be using collage techniques to bring our canvas to life.  Some of the things that come to mind when I think of Italy are the colors and scents.  My love of the yellow tones on the buildings and lemons scenting the air are what inspired to me create this collage.  Learn how to use different papers and mediums to add interest to your canvas.  You will be able to customize your collage with an inspirational saying or verse of your choice to create your own one-of-a-kind artwork.

Friday, July 17th:


Jeanne Oliver will be teaching us the last class of the week at 9:00am Friday morning.  This Mosaic class will be a beautiful culmination of our time together in Italy.  

Italian Mosaic

Our last class together will be all about the beauty of Italian mosaics and creating our own collage.  We will use Italian art as our guide.  We will also talk about some of the hidden symbols hidden in the art that we will see all week.  We will be spending some time in our journals practicing "sketching" using charcoal, Stabilo and white gesso.  I will teach techniques that I use to sketch faces whether I am using an image, my imagination or a live model. We will also play with watercolor lettering and tips to use to help you create as you explore the villages along Lake Como.  We will then take one of our sketches and create our own mosaic.  

For those interested in coming to multiple classes during the week, make sure you check out the SUMMER CLASSES page at the bottom where there is a special price for 3 classes!!


In the morning of each class day (Starting on Sunday) we will be spending 30 minutes before the class to do some bible journaling.  This is something that I have fallen in love with as another art form!  This is a way to bring our CREATIVE side to our FAITH side.  From the moment I planned this Art & Faith Creative Retreat I knew I wanted to incorporate this into our classes.  If you are signed up for any of the regular classes that start at 9:00am, please feel free to arrive before 8:30am and join us in this mini class for just 5 Euros to cover the cost of supplies.  All you need is a Journaling Bible and a few supplies that will be listed on the SIGN UP PAGE.  If you want to find out where you can get a journaling bible, you can go onto Amazon.com or look in a book store.  If you need help finding one, please email me and I will help you locate one.  

So there you have it!  I'm so blessed to have these beautiful teachers joining us for the week and sharing their God given talents with us.  Please take a look at the classes under the SIGN UP page under SUMMER CLASSES and sign up!!


See you in Bellagio soon!!  

Hugs to all,


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