How did this week get to FRIDAY already?  jeepers.

I am trying to make progress on the house and get things FINISHED on our home/backyard remodel that has been going on for almost a year now.  I wish I could enlist YOU guys to help me...  I have so many decisions to make on rugs, lighting, tables, chairs, etc. that it starts all looking the same and my eyes can't take it, and I get confused and start questioning our decisions.  Don't get me wrong, it's a FUN problem to have but I really am ready for everything to be finished and everyone is out of my house and backyard so we can just CHILL and enjoy it.  I will share pictures when things are done but who knows when that will be...  :)

But for today I wanted to share some pictures from past trips to Paris, France!  That sounds fun to me, and a little break from work. hahaha

I am planning all the things we are doing when we go as a family to Paris soon (can't wait to see Victoria and Dany!) and planning as all the fun we're going to have at my 1st ever Creative Retreat in Paris!  Oh man... I am SO excited about this!

AND, I need to announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY from last week!!!

Thank you for all your emails!  I didn't get many comments on the post last week but I did get lots of email answering the questions, so thank you!!  It really helps me figure out what works and what doesn't work and how to make my retreats even better!


Send me your email address and I will send you a FUN package in the mail filled with Creative Retreat goodies!  PLUS, a $250 Gift Certificate towards a future Creative Retreat!!  

AND, for all of you that commented I am going to give YOU a $100 credit towards any future Creative Retreat!  I will be sending these via email so if you left a comment or emailed me your comments from the last post, you will get an email that will be your record of the $100 credit, so don't delete the email!  (I will write down your names as well for my record)

If you want to use that $100 credit towards NEXT YEARS Creative Retreats, your in luck!  I am starting to plan 2016 Creative Retreats and I'm SO excited about the details... So keep coming back for more information!  If you want to be put on the INTEREST LIST for future Creative Retreats, just email me via the Contact Page and I will put you on the list.  

So here are some of my photos from the last few trips to Paris with my family and with just my hubby.  Paris is just the most enchanting city in the world to me and I can't get enough of it!  No matter how many times are blessed to go there, there is always new things to see, restaurants to try and beautiful streets to wander...

I mean come on... Look at this beautiful street close to where we like to stay! (and my Creative Retreat will be right here too)  Love early mornings when things are quiet and you can get photos like this.  My friend Barbara is going to show us more of these lovely secret places during my retreat!

I LOVE this memory.  We took a bike tour to Versailles and spent the afternoon biking through the gardens and had a picnic lunch as well right on the banks of the lake in front of the palace.  This is was TRAVEL is all about to me.  Spending TIME with the family in places that have history and beauty and creating NEW memories with them.  <3 

I love to go to the markets in Paris!  It will always be a part of my Creative Retreats here in Paris so if you come to one of my Creative Retreats you know you will be going to a flea market of some kind.  I found this little postage stamp market by doing some searching online and some times the little antique markets are the BEST.  This was in 2009 when Lance and I went to Europe for our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  He is so GREAT to put up with all the little things I like to do like this market or strolling the Seine where the green boxes full of trinkets and old books that make me so happy!

Love strolling through the streets in the evening and discovering a new place to eat dinner.  This was one of them on one of the prettiest streets in Paris!

Another bike tour during one of our trips.  It's funny how at home I don't EVER ride my bike.  But when I'm on vacation in Europe, I LOVE to ride a bike!  I think it really gives you such a great feel for the city you are in and its a much better option then sitting in a big bus for a tour.   How cool is this to have a photo in front of the Louve!?  We got to ride our bikes around and around in this courtyard of the Louve and I even took video of it while I was riding the bike!  (notice the mini video camera in my other hand? almost ate it a few times to get that video too... hahaha)

One of my FAVORITE photos of Isabella.  In one of my FAVORITE parks in Paris!  This is a place not to be missed and is definitely on the plan for the Creative Retreat this June.

Ok, this is something I have seen many times on my trips to Paris, yet I have NEVER done this.  A picnic on the Seine!  This will be checked off the "to-do" list this year for sure!  

The Eiffel Tower at night is an absolute MUST.

Going to the TOP of the Eiffel Tower at night... only for the brave.  I have a real, true, fear of heights and this adventure did not disappoint.  I was holding on for dear life!  I won't show you the photo Lance took of me with shear fright on my face!

So there's just a little sampling of why I love Paris, and why I wanted to have a Creative Retreat here.  I'm so thrilled to be able to share this city with YOU!  I hope you will join me here or in Bellagio, Italy next year!  

Have a GREAT weekend!