Hi everyone,

I'm planning my brains out lately for this years Creative Retreats AND looking forward to 2016 retreats as well!  Starting to think of the who, what, where's for 2016 and getting some planning started for that.  

BUT... I thought I would reach out to YOU, the people go to my retreats, and ask some questions to get an idea of what you would like to see!

And there may be something IN it for you if you want to play along with me.  I'm going to give out a PRIZE PACKAGE!  One lucky winner will get a special care package from me in the mail!  So you can either email me your answers or leave your answers in the comments below.  I will pick a winner next week Friday and announce the winner here on the blog! 

I  can't believe next year will be my 5th year doing these Creative Retreats and I'm so blessed by the fact that so many people want to come and I get to share beautiful places with you!  So I thought I would get a feel for what you want.  Ok, here we go...

I have done things several different ways and would like to get an idea of how most people would enjoy my events:

1. Are you interested in having the classes be one "type" of class or would you like to see the classes teach you different things (For example the whole week is based on memory keeping, or you'd like a mix of things: painting, jewelry making, memory keeping, cooking, etc.)

2. Would you like the Creative Retreats to be at a different time of year?  I have done one in September and the rest have been in the Summer.  I would like to get an idea of what time of year would be best for you.  Some times summer is best because you have the time off with the kids or it's better in the Fall when the kids are in school?  As most to you know my Creative Retreats are family friendly and I enjoy seeing families come, or just women and their friends, husbands and wives have come and people coming solo who walk away with lifelong friends after this week together!v (I'm BEYOND excited when I hear the students making future plans to meet up with their new friends they met at my retreats!  such a great thing to me) So what works best for you?

3. Are you interested in less "creative" classes and more excursions or more classes and less exploring?  I have always tried to be different then your typical "art or scrapbook retreat" where you are in classes all day long.  Come on, we are in the most beautiful places in the world so I can't keep you in a room all day, right?  But I'm wondering if I have a good balance or if you'd like to see more or less of one thing or the other...

4. I have most of our meals together.  Is that something you like to share together or would you like more "alone" time to find your own place to enjoy a quiet meal alone? 

5. I plan to do my Creative Retreats in Bellagio, Italy each year as long as I have people want to explore this beautiful part of Italy with me!  But,  is there another location you would like to see me do my Creative Retreats in?  This year you may know that I am doing my first CR in Paris!  It is such an exciting place and I'm thrilled to host my first event there.  Where else would you like to see me do events?  

Ok, I think that's enough questions for now!  :)  If you have a question or comment that you want to add, please feel free to add anything you'd like me to know.  Maybe you want a longer period to make payments? Or you would like to join us and have a talent or skill you can bring to the events?  You are a photographer and would take photos for people?  You are an artist and would love to teach the students a new skill?  

So again, NEXT FRIDAY I will announce one person who has answered these questions either in the comments below or via email as the WINNER and will send them a surprise package in the mail!!

AND... there will be a special surprise for EVERYONE who answers the questions too... More on that next Friday!  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THAT.

P.S.  I will be sharing the classes for the 2015 Creative Retreats soon!  More details coming this month so check back on that.

Oh, I almost forgot...

I have secured MORE accommodations for the Art & Faith Creative Retreat THIS July!!  I'm SO thrilled about this!  I was at capacity for this retreat and really felt like I needed to have more space to allow ANYONE who is feeling lead to come to this event the opportunity to join us for this week.  So I'm SO excited to share that another one of the apartments I use has availability!  So if you want to join us July 11 - 18, I now have more space and would LOVE for you to prayerfully consider joining us as Jeanne Oliver, Stephanie Ackerman and myself share our faith and art with you in beautiful Italy!

Have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Weekend everyone!!




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