Happy New Year!

I have a GREAT idea for you and I want you to start RIGHT NOW...

I forgot to post this earlier on my blog but I did talk about it on IG and FB.

You know I LOVE Jeanne Oliver and all that she is... Well, last year I was blessed to be a part of her FREE ONLINE COURSE called "Becoming - The Unfolding of You" series and it was truly a blessing to so many, many people.  20 women shared their hearts with you and touched so many lives because of what the Lord is doing through them.  

Well, she has done it AGAIN!  Jeanne now is about to start her 2nd year in this FREE ONLINE COURSE and this year it's called "LISTENING - Finding the Quiet" and it starts TODAY!  So please go onto her website and SIGN UP!  You can listen at your own pace and follow along with 20 women (and I think a couple men) as they share how they are listening to the Lord in their lives.  

And guess what...

My sweet Rebecca is a part of it this year!

(she's the one sipping coffee in a cute little coffee shop in Bellagio)

She was shocked and kind of confused when she got the email from Jeanne (she thought it was for me, lol) but NOPE... Jeanne knew that the Lord is working in this 17 year olds heart and that she had something to say to all the young women out there that may listen to this series. (Actually, I think what Rebecca shared is for anyone and everyone... )

So I am really excited to follow along this year and I hope you will join me and thousands of others who will be blessed by these men and women who are sharing their hearts with you through Jeanne's beautiful willing heart to do this for us.

You can find out all you need to sign up here:


I pray you will be blessed by this online class!  I'd love to hear what the Lord taught you through this series and I will be sharing my thoughts on here as well.