If you're not familiar with the "One Little Word" idea that Ali Edwards started a few years ago, I recommend checking out her website.  This concept is all about focusing our thoughts on one word that could help shape the coming year for us.  What is one word that would help you throughout the year to refocus, to remember, to value...

My word for the year is "Closer" and it's a word I only just came up with a few days ago.  I talk about it in my upcoming class for | Becoming | The unfolding of You | and I encourage you to sign up for this course with Jeanne Oliver and 18 other ladies of faith you want to share their stories with you.  It's starts TOMORROW, January 6, so you're not too late!

I originally thought my word would be "Remember" because I want to remember LIFE better... I want to be better at memorizing bible verses and names and things I just have a hard time with.  But the word "Closer" came to me in the stillness of the morning and I knew that was ultimately THE word for 2015.  It isn't this HUGE thing, it's just something I want to focus on throughout this year.  Drawing closer to the Lord and His word.  Being closer to my family and cherishing those moments with them.  Getting closer to healing whatever is going on in my body.  Making closer connections with friends...  

So I created this IG photo with a picture from beautiful Villa Melzi in Bellagio, Italy and a saying I found on Pinterest.  I think throughout this year I will continue to make these to remind me of my word.  I think this is a small, yet great way to put focus on the year ahead and try to improve and develop positive action in our lives.  

I encourage you to think of "one little word" that you might find helpful in the year ahead.  

I'd love to hear what YOUR word is too, so leave it in the comments below so we can all see what our 2015 words are!

By the way, Ali Edwards does an online class documenting this "OLW" if you are interested in going even deeper with this concept.

Well, I hope you all enjoy a Happy Monday!  I'm making my husbands Nonna's Baked Cauliflower recipe in the oven right now and thinking of those time during Christmas when she would have this HUGE spread of all Italian dishes and I wondering where the turkey and mash potatoes were...  haha  

I don't miss the turkey anymore.  But we do miss Nana Josie!

This week is CHA, the Craft & Hobby Association in Anaheim, California.  It's where us crafty/artsy people go for our "Disneyland".  We get to see all the new products coming out and see friends in the industry and just have a BLAST.  I can't wait to see everyone!  If you're headed to CHA let me know, I'd love to meet you!  I will be at the Clear Scraps booth (#2924) and would LOVE to have you stop by and say HI!!  I will be helping set up on Friday and then helping on Saturday as well as walking around and seeing all the FUN NEW STUFF!  I get to see 3 of the 4 teachers for my Creative Retreats this summer at the show too!  I just found out Zoey Scarpelli will be there all the way from Italy!!  Can't wait to see her again.  Celine Navarro will also be there from France, and Stephanie Ackerman will be there from sunny So. Cal.  So you'll probably by bombarded with photo from me if you follow me on IG or FB.  Maybe even a few videos are in order too...  

Oh, I almost forgot... Pretty soon I will be having a FUN GIVEAWAY!  I used to do this on my old blog and I can't wait to do this again!  I have a BRAND NEW Webster's Pages Planner to give away!!  And who knows, I may even have some fun stuff from CHA to give away as well!

So check back here soon for more details on that.

Take care,