Some exciting things coming your way soon!

I am so thrilled to have the teachers I have this year for my Creative Retreats!  I know how talented each one is and how CREATIVE they are going to be for our classes!  So I wanted to update everyone on a few things if you are still interested in joining us...

First, here are the dates and teachers again:

June 14 - 20,  2015 Creative Retreat

Celine Navarro & Zoey Scarpelli

July 11 - 18, 2015 Art & Faith Creative Retreat

Stephanie Ackerman & Jeanne Oliver


I also want to say that I feel so blessed that I have been able to do these events for you.  That I've been able to combine my love of Italy (and all Europe), my love of CREATING Art, my love of TEACHING and event planning into something that truly is a DREAM JOB is just AMAZING to me!  I thank YOU for believing in me and wanting to join this adventure that started over 4 years ago and has grown to something that just blows me away.

I can honestly say that I NEVER (ever, ever)  thought that when I was sitting in Bellagio, Italy in 2011 with my family and wishing with all my heart that I could some how find a way to come back again, I would actually be planning my 4th Annual Creative Retreat... and planning my 12th time back to this amazing place I like to think of as my 2nd home now!  WOW, God is SO amazing!!  I say that because if YOU have a dream or desire in your heart I highly suggest praying about it, asking the Lord to bless it if it is His will and then GO FOR IT with ALL. YOUR. HEART!  He has SO much more then you could ever imagine for you if you just trust Him.

I talk more about this and my "Becoming Story" for Jeanne Oliver this Friday actually.  She asked me to be one of the teachers for her online class:  Becoming | The Unfolding of You.  I'm telling you this new FREE online class she started a couple weeks ago has been such a HUGE blessing to so many people! It started with just a couple thousand ladies and has grown SO fast, it's amazing!  It's a FREE online course that you can join right now if you want to.  It's not too late as it's a course that is self paced with 18 ladies who have a heart for Jesus and want to share that with you.  My story will be told this Friday and I have to admit I'm a bit nervous.  I don't feel like I have this huge "story" to tell and in some ways I wish I would have gone a bit deeper but Jeanne assured me that just about everyone is nervous for their story to be told and no-one really likes to hear themselves talk...  (I thought i was the only one who was planning on not listening to my videos, hahaha) But I have LOVED listening to everyone else's videos and it's been fun to see their creative videos as well.

So for those interested in this series you can go to Jeanne Oliver Designs and join her Ning site to get all the videos.

But getting back to the Creative Retreats this Summer...

Part of what has been SO exciting for me it to meet so many people FROM Italy through these events!  When I was sitting by the pool in Bellagio back in 2011 I had NO idea that there was a HUGE community of scrapbooking/mixed-media ladies not event 20 miles from where I was!  (If that isn't a God thing...I don't know what is)  To have local ladies contact me about my events and then tell me there is one of the largest art/scrapbooking stores in Como was INCREDIBLE!  And that they wanted to be a part of my events and come to the classes was just another part of my "story" that I really felt was a gift from the Lord.  There are only a handful of art/scrapbooking stores in ALL of Italy.  To have one ON Lake Como where I do my events... a MIRACLE.  I have come to know these people, they have come to my events and taken the classes and I've taken the ladies to the store in Como and it has been such a wonderful thing.  

It's a big part of what I am doing there.  I have said from the beginning that I didn't want to just bring people to this location, show them a good time and then they leave with some great memories.  That IS a part of it... but I wanted SO much more.  I wanted (and STILL want) the people who come to my events to feel a PART of Italy.  The get to know the people here.

To emmerse themselves in the culture, the history and the people.  To feel like they were not just "tourists" but got to know a real part of Italy.  This is a place that stays with you, changes you and makes you appreciate life and what we have been given... the gift of TRAVEL.  Learning about this world we live in and experiencing life how others live and being a part of that, even for a short time, is a treasure.  Again, I am so blessed to share that with YOU and it is my true desire for everyone to experience this.


So over the next few weeks I will be posting SNEAKS of our classes this Summer.  I will also be starting the list for class sign ups for those who want to come for just the classes.  So whether you want to come for the whole week or just for the classes, you can send me an email via the "Contact Page" on here or you can send me a message via my Facebook Page.  There are only a couple spots left for the weeklong events but I will have 20 spots for the classes during the week.  

I know the teachers and myself would LOVE to have you join us and I hope that you will consider coming with us to this beautiful part of Italy.  You will have an incredible time and have memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life!