It's funny how it hit me today... 

Looking at my Flickr album with all my design work in there and I noticed something.  Well two things.  I REALLY love Italy (duh...) and I REALLY love yellow!  No big revelation to those who read my blog or follow my IG but to me it kinda was interesting.  Not the Italy part... I'm well aware that I LOVE Italy and probably share WAY to much on social media that supports that.  hahaha  

But looking at my designs I realized I create a lot based on Italy and I guess "Italy" to me is the color yellow.  Just take a look:

A canvas I made after our 2009 20th wedding anniversary trip to Europe.

A mixed media album I made after our 2010 trip to Italy.

A layout I made of one of my favorite cobblestone paths in Bellagio.

A clipboard I made for Maya Road for the Summer CHA 2013 Design Team.

A layout I made of my little one walking to our apartment in Bellagio.

And my first attempt at paining a scene from a photo I took.  I'm a sucker for beautiful doors in Europe and this one is just so gorgeous, I had to try my hand at this.  I have a lot to learn because I am more of a "crafty" person in my mind then an artist... But I'm working on that.

So looking at all this today I was trying to get inspiration for my classes this summer in Paris and Bellagio.  Have SO many ideas swirling around in my mind but want to think on them a little longer...  Maybe this year I stay away from yellow??  

Creature of habit... trying to break to mold this year a bit.

How about you?  Do you find yourself creating with the same color palette time and time again?  What do you do to break yourself (or free yourself) from this?  Or should we?  This is obviously what brings me JOY and makes me happy so why change it?  Oh the thoughts in my mind today.   Going to go into my "artsy" room and CREATE something.  



P.S.  I'll let you know if yellow somehow makes it's way into this piece.  :)