If you've followed me on my personal blog you may remember my Love, Tuesday blog posts. I haven't done those is AGES but as I was sitting here this morning about to blog, it just came back to me with a new sense of JOY.  I loved writing about what I LOVED for that day and I think I will carry that over to this new blog!  

So for THIS Tuesday, here is what I'm loving...

Definitely loving my NEW WEBSITE!  And so thankful for this guy who helped me with not only the website but creating a new LOGO for me.  He has been so patient with me when I wanted him to change things a MILLION times… And he worked SO hard to make it all come together by my deadline!  I am SO proud of him because he's a GREAT Graphic Designer but really didn't have much experience putting together a website and just LOOK at this site! It's pretty awesome (IMHO)   So if you ever need any graphic design work or are looking for a new website… Just give Dany Ferrara the job!  

I am also loving the peace I feel, even amongst the storms of {life} right now...

Before I explain… let me say this.  I know this may be a new blog you are coming to and you really don't know me.  I will tell you now that you're probably going to get to "know me" if you start following this blog.  I don't have much of a filter…hahaha and I pretty much say what's on my mind.  SO maybe I should probably apologize for that up front.  I'm that person who you ask something to and you can tell immediately if I'm telling the truth with my words, because it shows ALL. OVER. MY. FACE.  I have 3 daughters… this isn't the best thing when you are asked "Hey mom, does this look good on me?"  umm well…. Yes??  Nope, it's written all over my face that I'm not believing my own words…  Sorry girls.  So I'm honest, probably to a fault.

But getting back to feeling peace even in this crazy time of year, let me explain.

We have been remodeling our house and completely re-doing our backyard since March.  We wanted the backyard done before summer.  Didn't happen.  We wanted it done before some friends from Italy came to stay for a month… didn't happen.  Then we started joking that it may not even get done until Christmas time.  Yup.  It's STILL not done.  Now I will say it's almost all done, but it's Christmas time people…  My front room which, is supposed to have a beautiful baby grand piano in it, is just like a storage room for us right now!  My family room… NOT a family room right now because we are getting a whole entertainment center put in.  So it's not really a house or backyard conducive to decorating for Christmas or entertaining in yet. I can't WAIT to share pictures when it's all done but for now you wouldn't want to see it… truly!

I also have been dealing with some major health issues that are not resolved yet and I am still waiting on answers.  They have basically scanned every part of my body with either x-rays, ultrasounds, sonograms, etc… So hopefully I will have some answers soon and we can get to the bottom of things and Lord willing, be healed.

So this year I do feel as if we are in somewhat of a "storm" of life.  

But I honestly can say that through all of this I can still REJOICE and have PEACE.  It's actually kind of nice to not have some of the stress of the Holidays right now.  Usually I would be having tons of boxes out and trying to get the house all ready and plan parties and buy presents… All normal things for this time of year.  But with my health and the house not finished I've been able to LET GO of the rush of this season.  And that is wonderful.  I feel like it's a little bit of a gift.

I did do a little decorating… I put some pillows on the sofa and I made a couple things that I just needed to change up for Christmas:

And this weekend I hope to have our new Christmas tree up when we have the family here.  We are celebrating Christmas early with both sides of the family since Victoria is going to Italy for Christmas to see that cute guy I just posted a photo of above… :)  So we wanted to get the grandparents over and have Christmas with her before she leaves and we'll have fun trimming the tree at the same time!

Lastly, I LOVE that we have started an Advent devotional with the family.  I really am praying that we can focus on what this time of year is really about and this beautiful devotional and cards that came with it has INSPIRED me to do just that.  It's from Naptime Diaries and it is so pretty:

You can find it  here

So my prayer for YOU as this season is upon us is that you will be filled with the JOY and PEACE that comes from the REASON for this SEASON:  Jesus.

Be blessed as you go out today and enjoy life!


P.S. I will be guest blogging for a bible journaling community on Thursday! I'm so excited and I will share more later this week...